Translation of texts into english

Translation of texts into / from English

Nowadays more and more entrepreneurs need quality English – Russian and Russian – English translation being able to convey the precise semantic match of information in the course of a meeting or business correspondence. Translators of “Expert+” Translation Agency perform translation of different types of texts for individuals and organizations in Almaty, Astana, Shymkent, Aktobe, Atyrau, Aktau and other cities in Kazakhstan in a quality manner and at a reasonable price, mainly: written translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

Translators and interpreters of English language

Our high-qualified specialists will translate texts of any level of complexity and any subject, including medicine, technical and legal, observing all English language spelling and stylistic rules.

Our translators of literary texts take into account all nuances of using different English words depending on the situation, context and traditions of the country, as well as guarantee a high level of servicing and reasonable prices for their services.

Translation of texts into English and its peculiarities

More than 400 million of the world population considers English as their mother tongue. Totally there are about one billion Anglophones, people speaking English fluently, in the world. The language is admitted to be an official not only in traditional English speaking countries but also in some states in all parts of the world (Pakistan, India, New Zealand and other countries).

Political, scientific, economic, sport and cultural life of the whole modern world “flows” in English: it is used to sign laws in the UNO, to conduct international summits, as well as the activity of the bank sphere, international trade, coordination of marine, air and surface transports movement can’t be imagined without using English. Scientists from various countries exchange scientific information in English. Conclusion: modern English is a means of international communication.

Historically English language originated as a result of ancient dialects of Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons) integration, and suffered the influence of Old Norse dialect. It is notable for a magnific word stock. There are about 250 thousand commonly used words in the Oxford dictionary. Besides there are scientific and technical terms, unique English slang and several more word classes. English grammar belongs to the analytical type. There is a strict order of a sentence construction in it. As to the spelling the traditional spelling of words prevails.