Notarized translation for submission to different authorities

Notarized translation of the documents is required if there is a need to submit them to the official authorities of the country where an individual or legal person is going to establish a relationship regulated by the administrative law legislation. There is a list of documents to be notarized.

For individuals they are following:

- Various kinds of certificates (birth, marriage or divorce, etc.) issued by official authorities

- Any document certifying the education received

- Documents relating to labor law

- Bank and notary papers

- The documents obtained in the judiciary and internal affairs bodies

- Any declarations of identity

- Agreements concluded with another individual or legal person

For legal persons notarized translation is required for such documents as:

- The statutes of various organizations

- Certification documents, certificates and licenses

- Powers of attorney

- Financial documents

- Agreements and contracts with foreign partners

This is a sample list of documents that require a notary certification. While contacting the authorities you should specify the list, as in case of legislation amendments which happens often enough, the type of required documents can be changed.

The translation of the documents with subsequent notary certification can be performed only by certified translators with relevant qualification. The Notary will approve the document correspondence to the norms of the law as well as that fact that it was a certified translator who fulfilled the translation. The translator's signature on the document certifies the compliance of the translated text with the original.

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