Our Services


We perform written translation from English, Russian, Kazakh, German, Turkish, Chinese and other 45 languages as well as provide consecutive interpretation. Translation of texts on various subjects ranges from 1 hour to several days, depending on the volume of work, terminology intension, and urgency of the order. For more details on timeframe and cost of your order, you can send a file to be translated to our e-mail and/or contact our managers.

Written translation

This type of service is a key focus in our company. We specialize in written translation of various texts, documents, manuals, websites, personal documents, etc. using more than 50 languages. Among our clients are both individuals and large companies.

Types of translations:

  • Technical translation (manual, software, etc.)
  • Legal translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Financial and economic translation
  • Literary Translation
  • Translation of personal documents (certificates, diplomas, certificates, etc.)
  • Translation of correspondence (letters, meetings, etc.)
  • Translation of web sites, software, blogs on any subject
  • Translation of advertising
  • Translation with notary certification

For convenience of our customers, our company accepts orders on all data storage media: on paper file and in non-legible form, as well as in a different format: photocopies, drawings, tables, , file format, «AutoCad», etc. Ready translation is delivered to the clients in a way suitable for them.

Consecutive interpretation:

This type of service is particularly in demand for the following cases:
  • • Negotiation with your partners abroad on telephone or Skype conference call;
  • Meetings, business negotiations, seminars, round table discussions;
  • Foreigner support, meeting foreign guests at the airport, accompanying guests during their stay in city, guiding, city exploring;
  • Taking part in international exhibitions, presentations, concerts and in many other advertising projects and PR-activities;

If you are looking for professional and reliable translators and interpreters - we are at your service! We guarantee high quality service, accurate performance of work and reasonable prices.