The rapid pace of the modern world economy establishes its own rules for entrepreneurs, government officials and top managers of companies that in purpose to succeed in negotiations and bargaining fall back on interpretation services with increasing frequency. Some big companies running international business keep own employees proficient in translation, as to the smaller ones, they hire interpreters from time to time when required. This points to the fact that interpretation has proven to be effective in establishing international relations and has become an essential attribute of the modern business world.
Nowadays, there two type of interpretation are considered to be most used – consecutive and simultaneous. Upon the simultaneous interpretation, the specialist doing the translation along with the speaker’s speech without making any stops. While doing the consecutive interpretation, the speech is translated during the pauses, which the speaker makes.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is considered to be the highest professional achievement in translator’s career. For many translators it seems to be the most complicated type of interpretation, some kind of closed book.
Indeed, it is responsible and rather complicated direction in the interpretation field. It requires special and unique skills and abilities, as well as big professional experience.
Although this type of interpretation implies providing the interpreter with the text information regarding the subject, however, for a successful simultaneous interpretation there thorough preparation should be done in advance. It is very important for the interpreter to explore carefully all the aspects of the main subject that going to be discussed. The need of improvisation here is minimized as simultaneous translation does not considers much time for thinking about best phrases, as well as clarifying what the speaker has said. This makes simultaneous translation different from consecutive one.

Consecutive interpretation

The type of interpretation when a speech is translated consequently and the translator percepts a segment of speech and translates it in a maximal short time is known as a consecutive interpretation.
The interpretation here carried out by fragments, as if the interpreter replaces the speaker, speaking instead of him and becoming a point of focus of the audience. It should be taken in mind that for the purpose of quality and authenticity of the interpretation the information given must be provided by small parts, with some pause between them. It will give the interpreter an opportunity to carry out a meaningful translation of a small fragment most efficiently. Otherwise, in non-stop speech, its most likely that the interpreter will lose the meaning of the phrase and falsify the information.

In consecutive interpretation, the perception of what it is heard, its analysis, synthesis, and even the "internal" interpretation (to himself) takes place immediately at one time with the information record and therefore, brings some difficulties for the interpreter at the initial stage. Indeed, in this case when translator needs both to listen and record information he/she suffers some kind of double consciousness.
As a rule, upon translating the dialogue (conversations, negotiations, etc.) there small fragments of information are translated. And it requires a prompt reaction to switch instantly from one language to another.

There are also mixed types of translation: interpreting of the written text ("reading the translation") and the written translation of the audio record of the speech.

What kind of skills are necessary to become a successful interpreter?

One of the important components in a work of interpreter is a proficiency in working area and deep knowledge of specialization nuances where the interpretation is to be done. Upon establishing relations with foreign partners the interpreters may become either a "bridge" to a success or an obstacle because of their incompetence in a particular area. Therefore, the selection of the interpreter must be done very careful.
Usually, while describing the portrait of an interpreter, along with the fluency in a language we can emphasize such qualities as knowledge and skills in certain areas, erudition, good reaction, resourcefulness, an ability to "find" best variations of the phrase in difficult situations, as well as a high level of stress-resistance. And this is just a short part of the list of skills that professional translator should have in present days.
Today, upon development of latest technologies there such arrangements as online video translation, interpretation of seminars, forums , business briefings and presentations can be easily carried out. Although, at first look it seems to be very simple, in fact, many details of such arrangements are hidden here: a labor-intensive and time consuming process of preparation, involving and consultation with specialists in various fields of production, specifying details of the upcoming event, as well as the process of interpretation itself. A huge number of nuances of the events mentioned requires the most serious approach and big professional experience in this field. Negligence or inaccuracy of any kind can have a negative impact on achievement of desired goals. Therefore, one should take a thorough approach in arranging such events and choose the interpreters that proved themselves as professionals in this area.

Where the consecutive interpretation can be applied?

- Telephone calls, video conferencing via Skype;
- Business interpretations;
- Press conferences and briefings;
- Round tables, meetings, seminars with a small number of participants;
- Holiday events and celebrations;
- Meeting of the foreign guests and accompanying them during theirs stay, visit to the factories and plants;
- Tours and travel guiding;
- Online setup and installation of the equipment with the participation of foreign specialists.

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