Translation of texts from / into Chinese

Translators and interpreters of Chinese language

Our Translation Agency will perform translation of texts of any complexity from Chinese or from any language into Chinese in a quality manner and in short time.

Professional translators will perform any types of works quickly and at reasonable prices, as follows:

  • translation of business documents, contracts into Chinese;
  • translation (Chinese, English and Russian languages) and adaptation of business correspondence;
  • translation of technical documentation, operating manuals, products descriptions and scientific articles from Chinese;
  • translation of form, questionnaires and documents necessary for touristic trips into Chinese;
  • translation of personal sites and corporate portals from / into Chinese;
  • consecutive interpretation at various public speaking, conferences and seminars from /into Chinese;
  • translation of business negotiations from / into Chinese;
  • support of business tourists during their visits to China, factories, plants and exhibitions;
  • online interpretation from Chinese (service for conducting negotiations by Skype when an interpreter of Chinese, joining the conference, performs online interpretation).

For companies: we perform precise and professional translation of different documents and technical references from Chinese, assist in carrying on correspondence, translate from / into Chinese in such manner as to both parties understand each other in the best way despite on lingual and cultural differences.

Our services are necessary both for entrepreneurs and large companies in Almaty, Astana, Shymkent, Atyrau, Karaganda and etc. and for tourists and prospective students, e.g. translation into Chinese of questionnaires and forms when submitting them to educational institutions and other institutions of China as well as for individuals when it is necessary to translate instructions of imported Chinese equipment or product descriptions from Chinese.

We are ready to present you results of our work both in printed form and electronic format.

Ordering translators’ services at our Agency you may be sure of getting quality works within the agreed time limits.

About Chinese language

Chinese language belongs to Chinese – Tibetan family of languages which besides Chinese consists of Dungan, Burmese, Tibetan and some other languages.

More than 95% of China population and about 25 million ethnic Chinese living in Laos, Vietman, ` Kampuchea, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Syngapore and at the Philippine Islands as well as growing number of immigrants in countries of North America, West Europe and Russia speak Chinese language.

Chinese is represented by a family of largest group of dialects. The most spread is a group of northern dialects which are used by more than 70% of native speakers. The major dialect is Pekinese dialect which is a basis of the state language - Putonghua (verbatim: general language).

Peculiarities of translating into Chinese

Chinese dialects are much different from each other both lexically and phonetically to a greater extent.

Speakers of dialects of one group easily understand each other, but representatives of different dialect groups often hardly understand each other or don’t understand at all. For example: a Pekinese speaker doesn’t almost understand a Cantonese. But mutual understanding is achieved due to the hieroglyphical writing which is common.

Nowadays Putonghua is widely propagandized by the state, it is taught in all schools of China. Putonghua is a language of modern literature, mass media, science and culture.

Today the heavy growth of industry and great pace of China economy development have made enterprises of this country desired business partners not only for entrepreneurs of Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, but also for Europe and America; the ancient history and the mysterious culture attract tourists from all over the world. And those who did not have opportunity to study Chinese, especially for entrepreneurs, working closely with Chinese partners, the services of translators and interpreters of Chinese are quite necessary.

Perfect communication between two countries assists in achieving understanding at all stages of negotiations thereby improving efficiency of manufacture and trade.
Manpower effort and complexity of the language should be taken into account when translating from Chinese into Russian and vice versa.

Translation of a text from Chinese includes knowledge of different dialects more common for one or another part of China and translators are required to have background knowledge of the language as well as deep understanding of its dialects, culture and Chinese people’s state of mind.

Only good command of the language allows to translate into Chinese with due consideration of all refinements of Russian expressions or to bring the true meaning of Chinese partner’s words to a Russian speaking client.

“Expert+” offers quality translation from Chinese into Russian, Kazakh and English (and vice versa).

All translations (from Chinese, into Chinese, Russian, Kazakh or English) are performed by professional translators and interpreters who are native speakers as well as professionals with high linguistic education having studied in leading higher education institutions of China and Kazakhstan.