Translation of texts from / into Russian language

In our Translation Agency most popular requests are requests for translation from / into Russian and it is not surprising since Russian takes a place in the top ten world languages according to the total number of speakers.

At present Russian takes the fourth place in the world according to the degree of popularity. The leader is English which is a mother tongue or the second language for 500 million people and more than one billion can speak it as a foreign language. The second place is taken by Chinese language which more than 1350 million people can speak as a mother tongue. Spanish language is on the third place being spoken by about 360 million people.

Russian language in Kazakhstan

The linguistic situation in Kazakhstan is more complicated. In 90s the share of Russian people in the population of Kazakhstan decreased noticeably and Kazakhs became a national majority for the first time since 30s of the last century. Although according to the Constitution the state language in Kazakhstan is Kazakh, Russian is being equaled to the state one in all official spheres. And 90% of the Kazakhstan population speaks it.

Besides, in capital government institutions as well as in major state institutions and organizations of a city and regional level, Russian is used more often than Kazakh. The reason is simple and quite pragmatic: there are representatives of many different nationalities – Kazakh, Russian, German, Korean and etc. working here. And due to multinationality of the republic Russian is a language of international communication for representatives of national minorities. The similar situation is being observed in many countries of former Soviet Union where Russian has an official standing, mainly Belarus, Kirgizia, Ukraine where in cities one can hear Russian speech in everyday communication more often than the speech in a mother tongue.

Nowadays Russian is not only one of the official languages of the UNO but also remains to be a language of international communication throughout the former Soviet Union. The 6th of June is the Day of Russian language as one of the official languages of the UNO.

At the beginning of XXI century, indeed, the necessity of personal communication in trade, diplomacy, everyday life got the overall role in connection with the growth of interstate political, economic, scientific and cultural collaborations requiring wide cooperation ranging from the Heads of Government meetings to mass tourist excursions.

In connection with science internationalization and advanced technologies, Russian language is involved into the sphere of global informative, mainly, written exchange as “scientific language”. Russian is one of a number of languages involved into the global mass media network: press, radio and television.
In each country despite on its geographic location one can hear Russian speech. Almost in each city of the world it’s possible to find newspapers and magazines in Russian - the language which unites us despite on nationality, race or religious affiliation.

And it is not surprising that Russian is in-demand almost in all spheres of business all around the world. International links, dictating their own rules, require an adequate level of necessary attributes of business as well: translation of contractual documentation, charters, financial documents, advertizing campaigns and software.

In this connection not only professional approach to the matter is required but also deep and comprehensive understanding of the tasks before the client. Since translation is needed not only by itself but to establish contacts as well. "Expert +” Translation Agency strives to reveal fully demands and take into consideration wishes of the client and provide quality translation of texts from any foreign languages into Russian within most optimum periods for the client.

We perform translation and interpretation into Russian and from Russian into any of 50 most spread world languages for any purposes, quickly and in a quality manner.

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