Translation of texts from / into German language

The translators of “Expert+” Translation Agency possess all nuances of translating from German at a high level and therefore they provide quality translation services. There are quite a lot of nuances. In most European countries the beautiful literary language bases on the metropolitan dialect, but in Germany the literary language is middle between upper-German dialect and mid-German dialect, in fact it is local in Hannover city.

Variety of German dialects

German is one of the state languages of Switzerland and Austria but there are many differences both in the pronunciation and the grammar as well as in the word stock comparing with the German literary language. In Switzerland as well as in Austria there are various dialects and they are very difficult to understand even for a German speaking person.

Services of “Expert+” Translation Agency

Our specialists translate texts of different subjects from German and vice versa.

We translate texts from the sphere of economy and jurisdiction. Since Germans are quite scrupulous and attentive in various types of coordination then contracts, business presentations and business letters should be drawn up correctly.

We perform translation of technical documentation, i.e. various instructions, certificates, descriptions and characteristics. Since Germany is a big supplier of different quality equipment then the translation of documents should be correct and precise. The peculiarity of such translation is that the translator should possess special terminology and understand the process described to the full extent.

Collaborators of our Agency provide translation services for personal documents as well and they do it in a quality manner and in time. In which cases is it necessary to translate texts into German? In cases you are going to leave for Germany to get education, undergo a course of treatment, stay there for living or find a job.

And of course we translate books, belles articles and publications. A great number of books are published in German. Literary translation considered to be the most difficult since, at first, it is necessary to translate from literary German language into colloquial German language. The performed translation should be clear and to accomplish it one should know German very well. And definitely one should possess Russian at a high level to present the performed translation masterfully.