Translation of texts from / into French language

“Expert+” Translation Agency provides its services in Almaty, Astana, Shymkent, Atyrau, Aktobe and other cities in Kazakhstan quality translation of ordinary, technical, customs, medical, legal and literary texts. You can be sure the translation which you trust us to perform will be quality. We provide services of printing, formatting and delivering of translation as well as legal certifying of the translated documents.

Many French companies have been successful in the Kazakhstan market for a long time. French enterprises are known for production of high-quality details and components for means of transport and agricultural equipment. Luxury articles, fashion, gastronomy and design are popular in the Kazakhstan market more than ever.

Many Kazakhstan companies wish to enter the French market. But to promote a product successfully here one should take into consideration the principles of French thinking and its specificity. Our “Expert+” Translation Agency will assist you in it; we will provide translation services at a high level.

The French people appreciate their language greatly and try to keep it, and they are very surprised if they find someone who does not know their language.

Therefore dealing with French partners one should take care of all texts and translation to be at a such high level that no one of your French partner could be doubtful of your respect to him and his language.

French is an official language of the population of France, but it is spoken in some parts of Belgium, Switzerland, Haiti, Canada, Luxemburg, Andorra, Monaco and in some other countries of Africa as well. 130 million is a number of people speaking French nowadays.

French is a language of science, cultural relations and engineering. For a long time it has been a working language of EEC and at the moment every second document is written in French. It is an official language for some world organizations like Olympic Games. It is also one of the working languages of UNO and UNESCO.

French was one of the main sources of foreign words for many other languages. But the lexical structure of French itself was formed under a strong influence of Latin language. Therefore many French terms are borrowed mainly from Latin and Greek.