Translation and consulting services in China

What purpose do people have in mind leaving for China? In fact, there are lot of goals that people may seek there, though we can list most wide-spread of them.
The most popular aims are:
- Shopping (purchase of fur coats, furniture, etc.)
- Business (search of reliable suppliers, establishment and development of long-term partnerships, setting up of the Company or its branch in China, etc.);
- Treatment(surgery, cosmetology, Chinese traditional medicine);
- Tourism;
- Training
In any case, if you made a decision to visit the Heavenly Empire, we are glad to offer the range of our services. Our «Expert +» Translation Agency has a large number of translators and interpreters locating in China, who are fluent both in Russian, English and Chinese. Moreover, most of them are proficient in hadling local dialects as well. Most of our interpreters have lived and worked in China for many years, therefore they know perfectly the local markets, suppliers, manufacturers, local state of mind and culture of doing business in China. Thus, they can be your reliable guides in this huge county. The only thing you need to make is just to let us know the details of your upcoming trip: what dates and place you want our interpreter to meet you.

1. Services provided during your travelling in China:
For tourists
• Meeting at the airport;
• Booking hotels;
• Booking domestic flights/trains in China;
• Visit different kind of sightseeing with our interpreter and/or the tour guides;
• Transportation;
• Accompanying the tourists during their stay in China (shopping, sightseeing);
• Purchase of tickets to concerts and to other cultural events, etc.

2. Services for business - customers in China:
• Meeting at the airport;
• Booking hotels in China;
• Domestic flights in China;
• Meeting with local businessmen;
• Transportation;
• Providing interpretation services at meetings;
• Assistance with buying / selling;
• Assistance in arrangement legal advice and providing with of legal experts;
• Negotiations with your partners from abroad over the phone or via Skype;
• Consecutive interpretation and written translation from Chinese language into the Russian on any business subjects;
• Control of packaging and shipping;
• Assistance in meetings, business negotiations, seminars and round-table discussions;
• Accompanying of business - tourists during their stay in China;
• Purchase of tickets to concerts and to other cultural events;
• Assistance in participation or visiting international and regional exhibitions, auctions and sales;
• Assistance in arrangement all kind of PR-activities.

Price: The cost of our services is optimally balanced between price and quality. Our prices are remained to be the lowest among the other relevant companies in similar industry in our region. In addition, we offer a flexible system of discounts for categories such as "The first customer" and "The regular customer". To get more information on interpretation support in China and to specify the service fee, please contact our Manager.
We are looking forward to establish a long-term and fruitful partnership with you!