Efficient translation of civil documents

The translation of civil documents may be necessary in different cases. Typically, these services are obligatory, if a citizen of one country should enter into legal relations with other states. It may be a change of citizenship, receiving inheritance or study abroad, purchase of real estate and many other situations that force us to provide the civil documents and any other relevant information given in a documentary form.

Upon working on the text of civil documents the information given should be translated most carefully. It is important to remember the peculiarities of the names need to be translated as well as spelling of proper names. Mistakes here are inexcusable, and it stands to reason as in case that translation does not made in full compliance with the original one it can not be considered as a correct document that can cause an obstacle in legal relations of the parties.

The translation of civil documents usually requires notarization or providing the apostille.Our translation agency offers such services, that significantly save the time of process of documents preparation for submission to different authorities. If you want the documents to be translated and certified further by the Notary Public you should address to professional translators that have relevant certificates in this field.

If you want to make use of services mentioned above, please contact «Expert+» Translation Agency and our experts will get the translation of your papers done in full compliance with all the requirements meeting the deadline. We offer not just translation of civil documents, but a range of additional services such as notarization, apostille or consular legalization that can be necessary in certain cases.

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