The exact translation of medical documents and instructions

Medical translation refers to the scientific and technical direction. In this area of translation it is necessary to be more careful because the slightest terms mismatch in the pathography or treatment can lead to unpredictable and sometimes even tragic consequences.

Now medical treatment abroad can save lives of many people and accordingly, all medical records, which have been processed in a domestic medical institution, should be translated into the language of the country that takes the patient.While working with medical texts a lot of specific terms, expressions and abbreviations which have different meaning in different languages should be taken into account. Even to identify a full blood count, there are several terms which used only by British and American physicians and they’re not specified in the dictionary.

Moreover, medical translation is widely used in doing business worldwide. Foreign pharmaceutical companies produce a lot of effective drugs that are sold in other countries. Accordingly, in order to offer their new medical device to the commodity market, they must have an accurate description and manual on the use of this product.In this case, medical translator experts can always help with any kind of medical translation. They can accurately and reliably translate the original text.

Translation Agency "Expert+" has been specializing in the medical translation for a long time. We have got specialists in our staff of translators who are fluent in medical terminology and some of them are native speakers with medical education, which makes it possible to carry out even the most complicated translations in the shortest possible time.We can guarantee the translation of any amount in full compliance with all the requirements.