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Professional translation of texts from Polish language

As of today Kazakhstan cooperates closely with Poland in different spheres. Major of them deal with import and export of products, and many companies produce their goods in the territory of Poland as well. Therefore to collaborate successfully and with mutual profit it is very often necessary to translate various documentation.

“Expert+” Translation Agency will assist in quick and quality translation of any text or any document of various degrees of complexity into Polish and vice versa. Those may be legal, technical and medical texts as well as translation of any personal documents from/into Polish.

Our “Expert+” Translation Agency is ready to offer you any services of translation and if necessary we will assist to certify the document notarially as well.
Polish is a language of the Poles belonging to Lechitic subgroup.

This subgroup includes all West Slavic languages belonging to the Indo-European language family. Polish is very similar to Slovak, Czech, Pomor, Polabian and Lusatian languages.

Polish is a mother tongue for about forty million people living in Poland as well as for those living in other countries out of the state.

Peculiarities of Polish language translation

Polish as a foreign language is spoken by a great number of people. Polish is widely used in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Slovakia and Czechia as a means of international communication of national minorities living in these countries. There are a lot of parlances and dialects in this language.

In ancient times Polish developed mainly due to Catholic religious leaders and priests who translated various religious texts from Latin into Polish.

In Polish there are mainly hushing sounds, there is a great deal of them. It is accepted to stress the last syllable in Polish. The special feature of Polish language is that double consonants as well as a great many of masculine nouns are used in it.

Polish contains mixture of other languages as well. Something was borrowed from Hebrew, German and East Slavic languages. Words in a sentence are built in a free and no particular order, therefore there is no distinct sequence in it.