Literary translation with keeping specific nature of the original text

Undoubtedly, literary translation can be referred to the pen-and-ink creative work. To carry out translation of such type there should be something more than just knowledge of linguistic techniques. Even if translator have an excellent knowledge of original language, but lack of creative talent, it’s most likely that he will not be able to deliver entirely the style and natural beauty of the original text.

In point of fact, it’s not a big issue to convey the main point of original text. However, in order to recreate the original text in language of another culture not losing its belonging to a particular literary movement and keeping its identical feature writing one should possess some exceptional creative abilities.That's why, fulfilling such kind of translation can be confided in only the most qualified translators. Most of them are native speakers of the target language, furthermore, they have a deep knowledge of literature as in most cases they appeared to be the writers and authors of literary works.

Literary translation can be divided into accurate and free style. At the exact translation all the features of the text and its emotional tone are fully retained . Such kind of work finds itself among the most difficult categories, and requires great knowledge of literary trends and linguistic features of the time when original writing takes place.

Free translation allows translator to brief the text or on contrary, expand it. Depending on desired results, it is allowed to cut-down elements of the text that considered to be not interesting by opinion of the customer and translator, or to embellish the original text, if it is a lack of expression.

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